TARS Announces Adoption Of NASAR State-wide

The Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads (TARS) has recently adopted all of NASAR's products as the standard of care state-wide.  

Recently NASAR Lead Evaluator and Instructor Ed Wolff has worked with TARS Executive Director Stacy Rhodes to present NASAR material to TARS and provide them with information about the NASAR state/agency membership program.  After reviewing the programs, TARS has become the newest state/agency member of NASAR and Ed Wolff is working on the deployment plan for developing 3 focused training centers in TN with NASAR approved instructors and lead evaluators.

NASAR has also agreed to sponsor the annual TARS EMS symposium this year.  Held from October 7 - 10 in Pigeon Forge, TN, NASAR is providing Mike Marsh as a key speaker.  Mike was a responder to the San Bruno Pipeline explosion in Ca and was one of the first on-scene responders to the Asiana Air Crash at SFO.

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