Our all volunteer Las Vegas, NV based team, Red Rock Search and Rescue, was founded in February 2012 in response to the search for an adventure runner who went missing on January 17, 2012 in the Red Rock National Conservation Area west of the city. At that time, the only SAR resource was the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's small SAR Unit. They just didn't have the man power to conduct ground based searches. Over the course of the two month long search it became very apparent that members of our group, although extremely dedicated and driven to help a grieving family, were very poorly trained and at risk themselves in the dangerous search environment. SAR training across the board became the driving force as our team grew.

Very early on, as our team developed a training program for our members, we adopted the training standards and certification programs offered through NASAR. Today our team has 177 trained operational members who are required to progress through a rigorous training program centered around the basic NASAR SARTECH I and II standards. NASAR certification is required of all team members within one year after being accepted as a team member. To date, over 66% of our members are currently NASAR certified as either SARTECH III, II, or I.

Our commitment to training and sharing our knowledge has led us to become a Regional NASAR Training Center for the western US. Over the past 18 months, with the guidance and support of Chris Boyer, RRSAR has developed a solid NASAR Training Cadrè that includes NASAR Certified Instructors for ISAR, FUNSAR,ADSAR, and MLPI programs, and Evaluators and Lead Evaluators for SARTECH III, II, and I certification.

Why do we support NASAR? The answer is quite simple…."So That Others May Live"


Rick Smith, Deputy Chief, NASAR ST3/ST2 Lead Evaluator/MLPI

RRSAR Coordinator for NASAR Instruction and Certification




Richard (Rick) Smith