Response Journal

You found the online archives of the Response Journal.  We hope you enjoy looking at these old articles as we do.  They hold lessons and instruction that is still valuable today.  Some articles are an excellent example of how far SAR has come since the original was published.  We couldn't find every issue that was published, so if you have one in your closet that we don't have, please scan it or send it to us and we will add it to the archives for everyone to enjoy.

Check back often, we will be adding issues as we receive and scan them!


Response Journal Volume 16, Number 3

  • Cold Weather Searching
  • Charlotte, North Carolina, 1997 Flood
  • The Suburban Search Process
  • Field Evaluation of Night Vision for Search and Rescue
  • Scent Discrimination in Canine Water Search
  • All-Risk Incident Management Teams


Response Journal Volume 17, Number 3

  • Principles of Search Theory, Part III:  Probability Density Distributions
  • Principles of Search Theory, Part IV:  Optimal Effort Allocation
  • Thermal Imaging for Emergency Search and Rescue Applications
  • Team Fitness:  K-9 and Handler
  • Wilderness Crime Scene and Evidence Procedures
  • Canine Water Training and Beyond