Resolute Bay

Congratulations, you found one of the easter eggs on our website! 

If you map the coordinates on the GPS in the picture you will find they are a location north of Resolute Bay on the coast of Cornwallis Island in Nunavut, Canada (on the Great Northwest Passage).  Chris Boyer, the NASAR Executive Director responded to manage the recovery of a commercial aircraft crash in Resolute Bay in 2010.  The coordinates on the GPS are as close as he could get to the magnetic North Pole without swimming in the Arctic Ocean.

This area also played a major role in one of the longest SAR missions in history.  If you have a real SAR interest, then you should read "Resolute" by Martin W. Sandler.  It is a great book about the epic search for the Northwest passage and John Franklin, and the discovery of the Queen's ghost ship.  This is a search that went on for 40 years.  Franklin sailed for the Northwest passage in 1845, the first SAR mission didn't even leave England until 1848.  Some years the ice in the Great Northern Passage never receded and the search teams couldn't get too far north, or even got stuck in the ice and had to winter over.  Even though this was in the mid 1800's you will find the searchers used many modern day SAR principles like firing off signal rockets from the ships to draw survivors to them.  Here is a passage from page 127, and I think you will find it very SARish...

"At 7 'oclock, "wrote de Bray, "we released our first balloon, which carries with it about a thousand squares of paper spaced along an iron wire with a slow match."  It was an ingenious idea.  Printed on each piece of paper was the Resolute's precise position.  As the balloon was released , the match was lit so that the pieces of paper would fall at well spaced distances: "Thus distributed at various points on the Arctic landscape they may fall in the hands of some travelers and thus give Franklin or his companions news of us," de Bray Explained."

What a cool and smart way to try and signal searchers to assist them in finding you.

There are other easter eggs buried in the website, some might even have a reward or discount coupon attached to them.  Happy searching.


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