Forms / Applications

This is the location to get all the latest and greatest policies and forms for evaluation and instructing.  The evaluation and instruction materials are either on media that you purchased through the bookstore, or on DropBox if you are authorized access to it.  If you want access to DropBox resources, contact Chris Boyer at


Course / Certification Notification - Use this form to notify NASAR of an upcoming course or certification (update 7/2017)

Course / Certification Notification - MS Word format

Course / Certification Notification - Adobe PDF format

Attendee Registration - Use this form for each attendee that attends your course (update 3/2016)

Attendee Registration - MS Word format

Attendee Registration - Adobe PDF format

Canine Attendee Registration Use this for for each attendee at a canine evaluation (update 3/2016)

Canine Attendee Registration - MS Word format

Canine Attendee Registration - Adobe PDF format

Attendee Roster - Use this form to track the attendees and to send in your payment to NASAR (update 6/2016)

Roster - MS Excel format *NEW form for electronic submission!

Roster - Adobe PDF format

Liability Form - Have your students sign this form prior to the class or examination starting (update 6/2016)

Liability Form - MS Word format

Liability Form - Adobe PDF format

Course Critique Form - Please have each of your students fill one of these out so we can increase the quality of our programs. (update 7/2017)

Course Critique - MS Word format

Course Critique - Adobe PDF format


Instructor / Evaluator / Lead Evaluator Application - Use this form to apply to be an instructor, evaluator or lead evaluator for all disciplines (update 7/2017)

Evaluator / Lead Evaluator Application - MS Word format

Evaluator / Lead Evaluator Application - Adobe PDF format

Equivalency Policy For Instructor And Lead Evaluator Applications - This policy is for candidates that want to teach NASAR courses or Evaluate NASAR Certifications for their agencies, and have completed equivalent coursework they would like credit for (update 10/2015)

Equivalency Policy

Background Verification Instructions - Use this set if instructions and form to submit your background when applying to be an instructor, evaluator, or lead evaluator (update 12/2014)

Background Verification Instructions