Ozan Point Workshops A Success

It isn't a conference or workshop unless it rains... and there is a search at the same time !!!

Not only are the SAR responders in Arkansas really nice people, they are also highly flexible and fast on their feet.  Before the wood was chopped for the fire they had to deal with setting up camp in heavy rain, which brought out the "blue tarps" as extra rain protection (make personal note to add blue tarp to NASAR pack list!).  On Saturday morning, of course a Search Mission broke, and half the students were assigned by Mikki Hastings from Clark County OEM to respond to the missing person event.

Although the rest of the day was chilly, we had hot coffee from the Arkansas Baptist Disaster Relief organization which brought out their trailer and provided food for the whole weekend (love that stew).  Some of the courses presented included ropes & knots by Mike Pritchard, a great class on searching for the autistic by Chris Gains, and backwoods patient packaging by Robert Shepard.


Ozan Point was a great camping area that was convenient to get to and even had running water and flushing toilets.  I really enjoyed speaking with everyone at the conference and wanted to thank Mikki Hastings for putting it on again this year.  I highly recommend attending this conference if you are in the Arkansas area next year.


Here is a picture of the Washington County SAR Team (back:  Paul Eisenberg, Corey Collett, Walter Jennings, Daryl Pemberton - Front: Dave Gibbs, Chris Boyer, Haley Emerick) Photo Credit - Hayley Emerick

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    Ozan Point Workshops A Success