Every SAR member is a gear junky, admit it. And every SAR gear junky has their pet item that they keep updating, working over, making better, adding to… for some of us it is our SAR vehicle, or our GPS, or multi-tool, or ready pack. This page is for you. We are going to review gear and maybe a few SAR vehicles to show you what is out there and help you make the best of every dollar you invest in your gear.

If you have a gear preference and have done a review on that item, let us know. We would like to work with you to get it posted here if at all possible.

RAVEAN 5V Heated Hoodie

Product Review of RAVEAN 5V Heated Hoodie This first product review is about a new line of heated outerwear from RAVEAN called the RAVEAN 5V Heated Hoodie. It is going through the Kickstarter process right now (available for pre-orders). Henry Deutsch (Owner Member) of RAVEAN contacted us and asked if we would do a review […]

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