RAVEAN 5V Heated Hoodie

Product Review of RAVEAN 5V Heated Hoodie This first product review is about a new line of heated outerwear from RAVEAN called the RAVEAN 5V Heated Hoodie. It is going through the Kickstarter process right now (available for pre-orders). Henry Deutsch (Owner Member) of RAVEAN contacted us and asked if we would do a review […]

5th Annual Arkansas SAR Workshop

This year, the 5th Annual Arkansas SAR Workshop will be featuring the SARTECH I Examination this year.

Mounted SARTECH III Online

NASAR is now providing the new Mounted SARTECH III Certification through its online education portal.

NASAR Extends Benefits to Disaster Victims

New Member Benefit

Individual Members Receive Helmet Rockers When Completing SARTECH I or SARTECH II.

NASAR Audits Programs

NASAR Has Begun Auditing Ground SAR Education And Certification Programs Against Seven (7) Third Party Standard Bodies.

2018 Board Election Announcement

The Election for the 2018 Board of Directors positions is upon us.  There are two (2) positions from the seven (7) member Board that will be vacant and subject to election for three (3) year terms.  The term of service for these positions will start in January of 2018 and end in December 2020.

New MISF Textbook

NASAR and ERI team up to publish new Search Management Textbook

Strategy #7 – The Future Is Built On Today

NASAR has struggled with its priorities because there was no solid future vision for where it wanted to be 3 to 10 years from now.  The worst part was since there was no plan, no one could be held accountable for our future, ergo no future.

Strategy #6 – We Need To Be Here Forever

The existence of NASAR is important for many reasons.  For some teams, we are the only reason they can conduct training.  There are very few teams out there that can produce textbooks or other products that meet the ASTM standards all on their own (and do it within their current financial position).  We are one […]