New Instructor and Lead Evaluator Equivalency Policy

NASAR has adopted a new policy for the appointment of Instructors and Lead Evaluators using equivalency.  This has been a topic of concern for many members over the past few years.  The Board of Directors recently was able to adopt a new and more restrictive policy that NASAR believes will maintain the high quality that we strive for, and yet provide instruction and lead evaluation privileges quickly for agencies that are seeking NASAR courses and certifications and have trouble finding qualified Instructors and Lead Evaluators near them.

The new policy provides the opportunity for an Agency Having SAR Jurisdiction (AHSARJ) to recommend and endorse Instructor and Lead Evaluator candidates to teach within their agency or at their agencies direction at conferences.  These AHSARJ Instructors and Lead Evaluators will not be able to hold courses independently outside their agencies jurisdiction.  The policy also removes teaching and evaluation privileges if the candidate leaves or is no longer associated with their jurisdiction.

This policy does not affect members of NASAR that are current Instructors or Lead Evaluators, nor does it change the regular route of becoming a Instructor or Lead Evaluator within NASAR.

We believe this is a big step in moving the quality of NASAR Instructors and Lead Evaluators forward from the current policy.  The new policy is attached to this email and can be found on the website here.  It will also be posted on the front page blog site.  Please take a few minutes to read the new policy details.

Download Equivalency Policy Here

For more information, please contact Chris Boyer at

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