NASAR on the Road

Its SAR Conference season, and NASAR is coming to you...

Well the next few weeks is pretty exciting for us.  Our Executive Director, Chris Boyer is going to be at the New Mexico SAR Conference the weekend of the 17th (coming up in a few days).  On the same weekend T'mi Finkle will be representing NASAR at the Virginia SAR Conference.  She even has a one year membership prize that is being raffled off.

The weekend of May 1st finds John Boburchuk at the Pennsylvania SAREX, and he will  be giving a instructor/evaluator workshop.

Then the weekend of May 15th Board Treasurer, Rob Brewer is at the Washington State SAR Conference representing NASAR.

We are all looking forward to getting out and meeting with all of you.  Come and say hi, ask questions (even hard ones), sit and discuss whatever is bugging you or just what you want to talk about.  We are really looking for to sitting down with everyone possible and having some SAR Fellowship.

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