NASAR Hosts National SAR Canine Leadership Conference

The six national SAR dog certification organizations that focus exclusively on SAR dogs will be meeting in February of 2016.  This includes representatives from NASAR, SDONA, ARDA, NSDA, SARDUS and NASDN.

In early 2015 NASAR contacted the other 5 national SAR dog certification organizations and set up a series of email and conference call discussions.  The intent was to get the "SAR specific" national groups together to discuss topics of mutual interest and to discuss a potential path towards coordinated efforts regarding:

  • Updating national level testing and certification standards
  • Recertification requirements
  • Cross certifications / equivalency
  • Providing partner organization certification services
  • Other appropriate topics like research support

The meeting will be held the weekend of February 27th in Chantilly, Virginia.  Only the primary representative of each group will attend the first meeting.  We anticipate this will be the first of several meetings. Eventually other SAR related canine certification groups may be asked to contribute, and that project based working groups will be developed from the organization memberships (or it may honestly be the only meeting we hold if there isn't enough general interest to move forward on mutually agreed topics).

NASAR is sponsoring this meeting as part of its outreach and advocacy strategy.



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