NASAR Adopts New Organizational Structure

In order to move forward with our commitment to meeting ASTM standards where appropriate, and to meet the Associations current and future needs, the Board of Directors has acted upon the Executive Directors proposed new organizational structure.

There have recently been two driving forces that NASAR has used as agents of reorganization.  The first is that ASTM recently released F3069-14, which is "The Standard Guide For Requirements For Bodies That Operate Certification Programs In The Field Of Search And Rescue."  This guide implies the separation between education and certification, and the new NASAR organization splits those education and certification between two director level positions.

Second, NASAR is positioning itself for efficiency, increased product quality and continued professional development.  With the Education and Certification positions focused on growth and efficiency, the new Director level Professional Standards position will be working on the quality of our programs, instructors and evaluators as well as the professional development of those positions.  

The Executive Director has appointed John Borbuchuk (PA) as the Certifications Director, Bryan Enberg (NJ) as the Education Director and Jerry Whaley (OH) as the Professional Standards Director.  Join us in congratulating these three outstanding NASAR members for accepting their new volunteer roles with NASAR.  Over the next few months the Division Directors will be working with the Executive Director to develop their volunteer staffing and work plans for the next year.

You can see the complete new Organization Chart HERE

Change is not always easy, especially for organizations where the members are spread throughout the continent and even internationally.  If you have questions about the new organization or are interested in one of the positions, please contact Chris Boyer at


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