NASAR Adds New Benefit for Evaluators / Lead Evaluators and Instructors

Evaluators / Lead Evaluators and Instructors that are individual NASAR members are now covered with a General Liability Insurance policy while teaching.

This is a new benefit that is strictly for individual members that are NASAR Evaluators / Lead Evaluators or Instructors.  NASAR is now providing a $2 Million General Liability Insurance policy that covers Evaluators / Lead Evaluators and Instructors that are individual members when they are teaching a NASAR approved class.  This policy also extends to the course location, so if you are at a community park or university they are covered as well.

Recently several instructors have begun teaching NASAR material at higher education institutions.  The institutions required the instructor to carry insurance and to name the institution as part of the policy.  This was brought to my attention, and after review it made sense to provide an insurance benefit and protection to every NASAR member that is an evaluator / lead evaluator or instructor while they are presenting an approved course.

There will be a minor change to the Personal Service Contract, and if you are a Eval / LE / Instructor (that qualifies) you will be provided a new one to sign in the next few weeks.

Thanks for all the hard work you do instructing and doing evaluations for SAR responders in your community.  This is a benefit that many other organizations do not provide to their instructors and NASAR is proud to be one of the few that does.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Chris Boyer at 925-586-3357.

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