NASAR 2016 Board of Directors


NASAR held its first in-person Board meeting this past weekend in Dallas, Texas.  Officers for the 2016 Fiscal year were elected.  Monty Bell (CA) was elected to his second term as President and Mike Vorachek (ID) was elected to his second term as Secretary.  Kim Kelly (CA) was elected to her first term as Treasurer.

Overall the meeting was very positive with lots of exciting conversation around topics including:

  • Ways to increase the quality of instruction and incentivize instructors to hold more classes
  • Adding a advisory position to the Board from Canada
  • Providing vanity ID cards with a members photo and certificates on the card for a fee
  • Process for selection of a Learning Management System (LMS) to support our growing course and exam load
  • Updates on the new Professional SAR Responder Career Path and when the new courses will be made available
  • Compliance with ASTM F3069 and other standards
  • Discussion on how UAS systems will be changing the face of SAR
  • A marketing and social media plan

Some of these items are in the investigative phase, but you can see from these sample topics that the Board is focused on quality, growth, and support of the membership.

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