NASAR and NAPSG to present "Applying USNG for Decision Support in SAR Operations"

NASAR recently entered into a partnership with The National Alliance for Public Safety GIS (NAPSG) Foundation to host the first of its kind virtual training for SAR members using the US National Grid (USNG) on 1/21/2016.

In this virtual training, participants will learn hands-on skills and gain access to geospatial resources to help them with their mission using the US National Grid (USNG). The USNG is a point and area reference system that provides for actionable location information in a uniform format. Its use helps achieve consistent situational awareness across all levels of government, disciplines, and threats & hazards – regardless of your role in an incident.

This virtual training session was designed to help local, state, tribal, and Federal agencies to:

Learn how to apply USNG-enabled decision support tools to enhance coordination during Search & Rescue (SAR) operations.
Gain insights from real-world incidents where USNG was successfully used to support SAR operations.
Explore the use of USNG and GIS in Search & Rescue operation workflows such as assignment tasking, incident spatial analysis, and map production.
Learn about the suite of existing USNG and GIS decision support tools already available to support SAR operations.
The audience for this virtual training is primarily SAR professionals. It is also beneficial for GIS professionals and staff who support SAR operations.


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