Welcome to NASAR.  Members receive different benefits depending on the type of membership they have purchased.  Life Members receive the highest level of benefits, with individual members (including students and veterans) receiving the next highest level, and organizational members receive the lowest level of benefits.

These are links to the vendors that provide extended benefits to NASAR members:


Promotive offers great deals on outdoor equipment and gear, everything from sunglasses to packs, fishing tackle to mountain bikes.  Life and Individual members receive this benefit.  Click on the big PROMOTIVE label to visit the NASAR specific PROMOTIVE website.


AmWINS provides discounts for services like gym memberships, insurance, CostCo membership, computers and lots of other items that can help members save money.  All members receive this benefit.  Click on the big ADVANTAGE/AmWins label to go to their website and sign up. Use referral code KBJJWX to sign up.


HotelStorm provides members with up to a 55% discount for major chain hotels.  All members receive this benefit.  See the insert in your membership letter for the access password.  Click on the big HOTELSTORM label to visit the NASAR specific HotelStorm website.

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