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SARCON 2015 Call For Papers

SARCON 2015 is right around the corner this summer.  Please consider becoming a speaker for this prestigious annual event.




NASAR Announces Recertification Policy and Process

The NASAR Board of Directors has developed a recertifcation policy that goes into affect January of 2016.  The details are in the policy document (please download it from the link).  NASAR is announcing this more than a year in advance to give members time to review their records and schedule training opoprtunities to recertify.  If you decide to recertify ahead of schedule during the period from now until December of 2014, you will be credited 4 years on your first recertification, not 3 years.  By being an early bird you get an extra year before your next recertification.  There are more details in the policy document, which include your options to recertify (including participation and other equivalencies).  The Board of Directors has tried to do everything possible to make it easy on members that are truly active in SAR to recertify without undue burden.  If you have questions, please call Chris Boyer at 925-586-3357.



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