Consolidated Pack Guide Announcement

NASAR Announces the Publication of Consolidated Pack Guide, Version 1.0

NASAR recognizes that SAR responders operate in extremely varied environments.  In consideration of local environments, legislation, circumstances and team standards NASAR has eliminated the mandatory SAR pack contents as a requirement for examinations. 

 The document is meant as a high level guide, and does not list everything that a search responder should carry on any particular mission.  We received a lot of input from SAR responders as we put this guide together.  Much of the input was specific to a particular environment or mission type.  We tried to make this a “core” item guide that lets the local agency work with their responders to develop a specific pack list that works for them.

Although NASAR no longer requires or enforces the use of a full pack during our education and certification events, we still think it is a really good idea!  We are testing specific skills and knowledge with our programs, allowing local agencies having jurisdiction to decide on appropriate physical fitness and equipment standards.  If you are participating in a NASAR test for your agency, it would be a great idea to wear the same pack, uniform and equipment that you are required to use on SAR missions – train and test like you search!  If you are new to SAR, then our education and testing programs are a perfect opportunity to help tune up your pack contents and test how well you can use your equipment with the help of SAR subject matter experts.  Train and test like you search!

It will take us a while to update all the documents that refer to the old pack list and test, so please be patient with us.  If you have any questions or comments please contact Chris Boyer at

The Consolidated Pack Guide may be downloaded here.