Canine SARTECH III - Trailing

Trail and locate a single stationary subject who has traveled between and 1 miles in length, within 1 hour, including breaks. Track is aged between 2-4 hours. (This is a basic examination and certification. This examination and certification meets or exceeds the criteria of FEMA 508-8 Typed Resource Definitions Search and Rescue Resources 11/14/2005.) 
Testing Criteria for the Canine SARTECH III, II and I Wilderness/Urban Trailing Search Dog:
Handler Skills
Is the handler adequately attired and equipped?
Did the handler develop the appropriate strategy based on information acquired?
Did the handler articulate the dogs alerts/indications prior to entering the field?
Did the handler interpret the dogs alerts/indications while out in the field?
Did the handler articulate the dogs final response?
Was the handler alert to visual clues?
Does the handler demonstrate good land navigation field skills?
Was the handler able to justify their search tactics?
Did the handler document the routes traveled?
Did the handler accurately debrief the task with an estimated P.O.D?
Was the handler able to articulate the relevant meteorology?
Is the handler in tune with their dogs needs?
Did the handler properly evaluate terrain and track clues?
Dog Skills
Did the dog indicate the initial direction of travel?
Did the dog stay focused on the search?
Is the dog easily refocused after being distracted?
Does the dog scent discriminate?
Does the dog search effectively (within 100 meters of track, on all legs)?
Did the dog make a self-directed find on the subject?
Did the dog demonstrated its final response and direct the handler to the subject?
Did the dog identify the correct subject and only the correct subject?
Team Skills
Did the dog and handler make an effective team?
Did the dog demonstrate obedience through its reactions to handler commands?
Is the team able to work through contamination?
Is the team able to work through varying surface environments?
Was the search completed within the time limit for the evaluation?