Canine Disaster Responder IV - Live

Canine Disaster Responder Live Type III or IV 

This examination meets or exceeds the criteria of FEMA 508-8 Typed Resource Definitions Search and Rescue Resources 11/14/2005. Type III and IV are dependent upon the candidates team or task force affiliation.

  • There will be thirty (30) minutes for the search phase.
  • There will be two (2) subjects buried in the rubble testing area.
  • Lift Test: The lift shall be a minimum of ten (10) feet above ground level.
Testing Criteria for the Canine Disaster Responder (Live and HRD):
Handler Skills
Is the handler adequately attired and equipped (All PPE)?
Did the handler develop the appropriate strategy based on information acquired?
Did the handler articulate the dogs alerts/indications prior to entering the field?
Did the handler interpret the dogs alerts/indications while in the field?
Did the handler articulate the dogs final response?
Did the handler properly mark where their dog demonstrated its final response?
Was the handler able to negotiate the rubble pile?
Did the handler call any false responses by their dog?
Did the handler make their required radio calls?
Did the handler conduct a welfare check of their canine after the search?
Did the handler ask appropriate pre-search questions?
Is the handler in tune with their dogs needs?
Dog Skills
Did the dog stay focused on the search?
Is the dog easily refocused after being distracted?
Did the dog alert/indicate on the scent source?
Was the dogs final response within the distance prescribed for the station?
Did the dog make a self-directed find on the scent sources/subjects?
Did the dog demonstrate its final response and direct the handler to the scent source/subject?
Did the dog perform any false responses?
Did the dog remain on the rubble pile?
Was the dog able to negotiate the rubble pile?
Team Skills
Did the dog and handler make an effective team?
Did the dog demonstrate obedience through its reactions to handler commands?
Was the search completed within the time limit for the evaluation?