It is the continuing policy of NASAR to encourage public recognition of those individuals, organizations, and agencies who, through outstanding service, achievement or stewardship, make a substantial contribution in the search and rescue field.

A direct benefit of the nomination process is the recognition inherent in that effort alone. The contention is, of course, that those nominated (but not selected – as the award delegate), are winners in their own right. Recognition continues to be a powerful motivational force and those two magic words — THANK YOU — spoken publicly, still force the emotions and function as the motivation for continued good work.

The NASAR Award Categories are:

  • NASAR Bob Wright Award
  • NASAR Hal Foss Award
  • NASAR Lois Clark McCoy Service Award
  • NASAR State / Canadian Province Award
  • NASAR Valor Award
  • NASAR Instructor of the Year Award
  • NASAR Canine of the Year Award


  1. All nominations shall follow the guidelines for preparing NASAR Awards nominations.
  2. Nominations shall be considered only for the year in which the nomination is received. To be reconsidered for a subsequent year, an unsuccessful nomination will have to be resubmitted. The only exception to this is the Hal Foss Award where nominations meeting applicable criteria remain eligible for up to three years.
  3. Most award nominations can be submitted by any person familiar with the contributions of the unit or organization being nominated.
  4. Nominations for the State / Canadian Province Award and the NASAR Valor Award are required to include at least two wholly independent endorsements in support of the nomination unless the nomination is submitted by a NASAR recognized government or volunteer organization involved in search and rescue or emergency management.
  5. The NASAR Valor Award requires the action on which the nomination is based to have occurred during the twelve month period prior to the date that the nomination is due.
  6. Current NASAR Association officers, directors, trustees and employees are not eligible for any of these official NASAR awards while performing a task for the Association. Additionally, former Association employees are not eligible for the NASAR Lois Clark McCoy Service Award where there nomination would be based on contributions considered to be in the scope of responsibilities for which they were employed by the Association.
  7. Nominations shall be submitted to NASAR Headquarters. Nominations mailed or received after the specified dates will not be considered. The review and certification of candidates nominated shall be completed by the Nominations Committee and then submitted to the Board of Directors for voting. To submit via email send to
  8. Award winners are recognized at the annual conference immediately following the balloting procedures.
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