I believe that there needs to be both a national and international standardized system for instructing and certifying search and rescue technicians.  NASAR meets that need.


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    There are many organizations and associations we all belong to as emergency services providers… EMS1, area firefighter associations, area rescue associations, national law enforcement groups, NRA, NSP, MRA, etc (AARP??) not to mention the innumerate canine groups. This list is nearly as endless as the alphabet combination. However, I have yet to be part of an association which is so open and supportive of it’s membership.

    NASAR is the only organization where I can call the executive director or education director and receive support and answers directly from the person I’m trying to reach. For a mere $55.00 a year membership (yearly renewal cost) I get discounts at hotels and car rentals, outstanding discounts and pro deals online and (as an instructor / Lead Evaluator) insurance covering my NASAR class. I also save tons with membership discounts to conferences and symposiums. With my busy instructor schedule and all the travelling I do, the membership program easily pays for itself within a month or two. I’m not even going to get into the huge savings I get through the online purchasing with the NASAR book store (passing those savings along to many of my students!).

    This association is member driven. A fact not lost on our board or staff. They fully realize that the members (and lost/injured subject) are the very reason NASAR exists and they are working very hard at supporting us. In years past, NASAR membership was merely a way to save a few bucks on a class here and there. Maybe save a dollar on a new book. Now that same membership means a whole lot more. Now our ideas are heard, our suggestions are taken to heart and, more importantly, we’re truly supported by the people we’ve voted into place.