NASAR and ERI team up to publish new Search Management Textbook

NASAR and ERI have worked over the past year with SAR subject matter experts representing hundreds of years of experience to develop the latest search management textbook.  This new textbook is called “Managing the Inland Search Function” (MISF).  The textbook replaces both the NASAR MLPI and the ERI MLSO textbooks.  Combining the MLPI, MLSO and new material the MISF text is 492 pages long, containing 1/3rd more material than in the last MLPI edition.

MLPI courses going forward will now use the MISF (although we will make the MLPI textbook available through December to provide overlap for instructors to become familiar with the new material).  Member pricing is $35.95 and non-member pricing is $44.95.

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