Strategy #7 – The Future Is Built On Today

NASAR has struggled with its priorities because there was no solid future vision for where it wanted to be 3 to 10 years from now.  The worst part was since there was no plan, no one could be held accountable for our future, ergo no future.

Strategy #6 – We Need To Be Here Forever

The existence of NASAR is important for many reasons.  For some teams, we are the only reason they can conduct training.  There are very few teams out there that can produce textbooks or other products that meet the ASTM standards all on their own (and do it within their current financial position).  We are one […]

Strategy #5 – Every Dollar Counts

DEVELOP EFFICIENT VIRTUAL INFRASTRUCTURE In order to keep prices down, we need to use our dollars as effectively and efficiently as possible.  We are an international organization, and the more money we save in expenses we get to invest in projects, education, advocacy and publishing to help you.

Strategy #4 – Members Deserve The Best

SAR volunteer responders go out in the middle of the night, in the rain and the cold, and take calculated risks to assist those that cannot help themselves.  For that you deserve the best of what we can offer.  The best courses, certifications, instructors, evaluators, tools, textbooks, the best everything.

Strategy #3 – This Is A Volunteer Career Not A Hobby

SAR is one of the few emergency services professions that are staffed almost completely by volunteers.  SAR is also a complex job that is made up of many perishable skills.  If you treat it like a hobby that you can pick up and drop at your whim, then you will eventually get burned (and take […]

Strategy #2 – One Place For Everyone

NASAR wants to be the “go to” for SAR.  Not just nationally, but internationally as well.  In order to be the go to for SAR we have to provide you with some value for coming and a place for us to share.  We also need to reach out to you and make you knowledgeable about […]

Strategy #1 – Every SAR Responder A Member

Starting in 2014, the Executive Director and Board of Directors adopted a new process for strategy and budget setting.  During August and September the Executive Director developed a draft multi-year strategy and complimentary budget.  In October, the Board held two budget workshops where they discussed and edited the presented draft strategy and eventually voted on […]

International Disaster Conference and Expo

This week I spent a few days at the IDCE (International Disaster Conference and Expo). I had a couple of missions while here.  First I was looking at meeting with international representatives to see if we could expand NASAR courses and examinations to their countries.  Second, I was meeting with vendors that are potential advertisers […]