This week I spent a few days at the IDCE (International Disaster Conference and Expo).

I had a couple of missions while here.  First I was looking at meeting with international representatives to see if we could expand NASAR courses and examinations to their countries.  Second, I was meeting with vendors that are potential advertisers on our new website and in the newsletter.  These vendors might also be sponsors for conferences and other events coming up.  Third, I was looking to network with domestic emergency management and agency staff to introduce them to NASAR.

The missions were pretty successful.  I got to meet with international agency personnel and education them about NASAR and our mission.  I spoke with all the vendors, several of which will require follow up to negotiate potential advertising or sponsorship for NASAR. If you followed me on the NASAR Facebook page you will see some pictures of inflatable light towers and some pretty cool amphibious jets/ATV hybrids.  I spoke with a many attendees that were aware of NASAR but didn’t have much detail about us and our mission.  I believe that there will be downstream demand for our courses and exams based on a number of contacts I made here.  I also met with a vendor that carries some unique products that they are willing to co-brand and sell through our bookstore.

None of these items will happen overnight.  However, we are beginning to fill the pipeline with positive actions and items that will benefit the membership over time.  Thanks for your attention, and Search safe.

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