Welcome to the new NASAR Community.

This is more than just a website, it is a coordinated set of online tools that will allow members to receive and share information with other NASAR members. It will include a number of tools you are already familiar with like a calendar for courses, but eventually you will be able to use that calendar to sign up for courses and evaluations.

This web community is part of NASAR stepping into the next phase of its evolution. NASAR is the portal for your SAR volunteer community and career. To be a valuable portal we need to provide spectacular tools, sharing abilities like DropBox, real time chat for members, on line donation capability for supporters, broad email powers for distributing newsletters and announcements. Most of all, a place for you to provide feedback and contribute to NASAR and the membership.

You will see from some of the dates on items, that this project was started in July of 2014, and has been a work in progress since then. A lot of long hours went into making this a benefit for the NASAR membership and SAR as a whole.

I look forward to all your comments and suggestions on how to make this a set of tools you value and look forward to using. Check here often for news, stories, probably some long winded advice, and what NASAR is up to.


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